Transposition: Tn2603 res-tnpR-tnpA

lksiu lksiu at hkucc.hku.hk
Thu Jul 18 10:36:38 EST 1996

I have some problems concerning with the function of transposition. 
I do not know if anyone can tell me more about the function of this mechanism. 
I knew that the arrangement of some transponsons are quit different. 
Some of them such as Tn3, the order of genes is tnpR-res-tnpA. 
As Tn2603, the order of the genes is res-tnpR-tnpA. 
I really want to know how this order affect the transposition. 
Furthermore, I have sequenced a cloning plasmid contaning part of Tn2603. 
There is a insertion not far away after tnpR and toward to tnpA. 
I try to figure out this position is right inside the tnpA or not 
but I can't find any infromation about the exact location of tnpA and tnpR on Tn2603.

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