Looking For Industrial Fermentors - Toll Manufacture

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>Subject: Looking For Industrial Fermentors - Toll Manufacture
>Date: 16 Jul 1996 22:59:56 -0400

>We are looking for industrial fermentors > 25 CM3 and preferably > than 50
>CM3 and can be up to 150 CM3 fermentors.  The location of these fermentors
>is not critical just that they are capable of running fungi ( ex: Alpha
>Amylase, Gluco Amylase, etc... )

>If you know of any capacity available we would appreciate hearing from you


Checked my little book of SI metric units then our lab inventory.  I guess 
we can move into the industrial fermentation business, we have all kinds of 
25mL (25cm^3) to 150mL (150cm^3) glassware.

Biggest fermentor I ever used was 100L but I've seen them up to 225m^3
(about 50,000 imperial [how politically incorrect] gallons).

Sorry, I couldn't resist, aren't all these systems of units a pain!!

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