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A summary of requirements for valid publication of new bacterial 
names and combinations is published in the January issue of IJSB 
1996 (Instruction to Authors, in every Jan issue of IJSB); or in 
Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology; or in Bacteriological 
Code 1990 Revision (containing definitions).

Referring to your specific question on Halomonas marina (basonym 
Deleya marina) this name is published correctly in the IJSB 1996 
April issue, this IJSB publication date is the official date of 
publication of the new combination (comb.nov.). New description 
is signed by the authors of this IJSB published article, Dobson 
and Franzmann. In the 1996 IJSB July issue Halomonas marina is 
listed (Notification List) as a New Combination having appeared 
in vol 46 no 2 of the IJSB, and Deleya marina is mentioned as a 
basonym (original name before new validation).

Obligate requirements for a new name (nom.nov. or comb.nov.) of a 
taxon to have been accepted as validly published are as follows:
1) publication of the name in the IJSB, International Journal of 
Systematic Bacteriology; based on required effectively published 
description in the IJSB;
2) if the new name is published (based on required effectively 
published description) in another official journal, it must be 
officially announced in the IJSB (Validation List) to be accepted 
as validly published.
As a summary: The new name must be listed in the IJSB, either in 
the IJSB Notification List (published article in the IJSB) or in 
the IJSB Validation List (published article in another accepted 
official journal).

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Subject: Taxonomy
Author:  PC:lkista at UNM.EDU(LinneaIsta) at INTERNET
Date:    1996-07-16 23.42

Hi everyone!

I have a question concerning taxonomy. I have just found out that the  
organism (Deleya marina) I am working on  has been "unified" into another 
genus. This is according to the April issue of Int. J. Sys. Bacteriol. at 
least. Does this one citation mean that the name has been changed or 
should I wait until it is changed at ATCC or somewhere until I start 
calling it by its new name in publications. I am a little hesitant to 
change right away.
If anyone could help, I would appreciate it!

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