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Vladimir Ivanov ivanov at wlab.freenet.kiev.ua
Wed Jul 17 07:53:06 EST 1996

From: cpnintt at aol.com (CPN INTt)
Subject: Re:Looking For Industrial Fermentors

     We can propose the using of industrial fermenters for
fungi cultivation and different down-stream  processes  in
Ukraine.This  is  the best way to reach your goals because
of existing high technological level and  cheap  labor  of
the biochemical plants.

     The volume  of fermenters for cultivation of fungi is
50 cu.m.(biopharmaceutical plant) and  100  cu.m.  (enzyme
plant).The plants  are  equipped   by   filters,vacuum
evaporators,industrial chromatographic         columns,and
vacuum-package units.

    More over,the Ukraine is very large  market  for  your
products such as Alpha Amylase and Gluco Amylase which are
widly using,for example,  in the alcohol  production  from
the wheat.

Best regards,
Dr.Vladimir Ivanov
Institute of EcoBiotechnology,
Ukrainian Branch/ World Laboratory,
32 Turgenevskaya Str.,Kiev,252054
E-mail: ivanov at wlab.freenet.kiev.ua

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