the extermination of algae with ultrasone sounds

pierlala pierlala at glo.be
Sun Jul 14 05:50:51 EST 1996

Hi , 

My uncle , Hilaire thomas of thomas Electronics is currently experimenting 
with ultrasone , and now he's looking for information on the extermination of 
algae with ultrasone.
If you know of any other experiments that were done with the extermination 
with ultrasone I'd like to hear about it.

P.S. If you 've got problems with any kind of pest , mail me , since my uncle 
has (!patented , so don't bother with making one yourself!) devices against 
anything from mice to flies to monkeys to deer (and many others)

If another device has dissapointed you , these devices won't!

mail me for any information you would like to get about the Duosonic , 
Trisonic and Thomassonic , and don't forget , he sells collector's beer mugs 
too , only 1000 exist!

anyway , sorry for the commercial and thanks in advance for your information


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