Growing sulfate-reducers

Sara Silverstone ssilvers at acs.brockport.edu
Fri Jul 12 09:53:43 EST 1996

I am just getting into growing anaerobes in an anaerobic chamber and 
have read all the literature I can find, but still have many questions. 
The media recipes I find say to boil and gas the media with CO2/N2 
before autoclaving. 
Do I just hang a tube attatched to the gas supply over the edge of a 
flask into the air above the media and put the flask over a bunsen 
Do I need something special at the end of the tube? 
Do I need a special type of tubing or will ordinary PVC work?
Do I need to get a round-bottom flask or can I use an Ehrlenmeyer? 
Can I use a Bunsen burner or must I use a heating mantle?
What is the simplest way to seal the flask in the autoclave?  
Can I just skip the gases and put Oxyrase in the media? 
Would simply putting media with a reducing agent into the chamber cause 
it to become anaerobic? I know that is what the clinical labs do with 
their plates, but I don't know if it would work for liquid.

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