Vancomycin resistant S. aureus

Steven Projan PROJANS at war.wyeth.com
Thu Jul 11 07:48:34 EST 1996

Craig Werner posted the following in response to a querry about
vancomycin resistance in S. aureus:

"It hasn't happened yet in the wild.  Thank God for that.   Somebody
was able to clone in the VanA gene into a laboratory strain of Staph
aureus.  It worked, and I heard the strain was destroyed."

To be precise: W.C. Noble, St. John's Institute of Dermatology, St.
Thomas Hosp. London  MATED a vancomycin resistant enterococcus with
S. aureus, selected for a drug marker other than vancomycin
(erythromycin, I believe), and obtained vancomycin resistant S.
aureus transconjugant  strains carrying the vanA gene cluster.

The vancomycin resitant S. aureus strain produced has most definitely
NOT been destroyed.

Although neither the vanA nor vanB gene clusters have found their way
into clinical isolates of S. aureus to date, strains wiith decreasing
susceptibility (dare I say increasing levels of resistance) have been
identified by several investigators (and I don't mean lab strains).  

Steve Projan
Wyeth-Ayerst Research

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