Israel, WWII and fermentation

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Wed Jul 10 19:42:47 EST 1996

> Dear friends, 
> This post is about microbiology and history.
> I remember reading a story about.....
> During the WWII, the allied forces were in need of alcohol (or solvent?).
> There was an Israeli microbiologist came to help, by using 
> Clostridium fermentation (? I am not sure).  
> Later this man became very famous.     
> I just can't recall where I read this article.  
> Basically I am looking for good introductory stories for my student on 
> how microbiology could help us in the way other than medicine.
> I would appreciate your help.

>Please don't hold me to all the facts'
here is basically what I was told.
I believe you are  refering to Chaim Weizmann the 
first prez of Israel, he came up with a bug to 
ferment (acetone?) a solvent needed to use with
potasium nitrate (salt peter)to produce gun powder
He gave it to the british for their reluctant agreement to
allow the jews to return to their ancesteral homeland, 
albeit in dribs and drabs.This may be what convinced the brits
to come out with the "white paper"
 He actually was trained as a chemist.

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