high guluronic acid alginate

Thomas J. Merchant tm37 at prism.gatech.edu
Mon Jul 8 12:57:41 EST 1996

Alginate, or alginic acid is a linear polysaccharide 
composed of D-mannuronic and L-guluronic acid subunits.

I have been preparing calcium alginate gels from sodium 
alginate purchased from Sigma Chemicals. However, under low 
ionic, specifically low calcium concentration, conditions, 
eventually my alginate gels have been breaking down.

I have come across a reference that states that a stronger 
gel, one with a greater affinity for calcium, can be 
achieved by using alginate with a higher guluronic acid 

The chemical suppliers I have found so far that sell sodium 
alginate only carry grades which differ in their chain 
length (viscosity), not by their relative guluronic acid to 
mannuronic acid ratio.

Does anyone know of any supplier of sodium alginate which 
carries different grades based upon gul/mannuronic acid 

Thanks in advance.

Tom Merchant

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