Glycocalyx?????? Help me!

Scott Drader sdrader at ior.com
Sun Jul 7 20:28:25 EST 1996

The glycocalyx is a sticky, viscous, gelatinous polymer that surrounds 
some bacteria cells. It may be composed of polypetide, polysaccharide, 
or both. depending on how it is aranged it may be called a slime layer 
or capsule. Glycocalyx helps virulence by makeing phagocytosis harder.

My question is that how does it make phagocytosis harder, the only 
explation I can get is that the leucocyte has a hard time engulfing the 
bacterium because the glycocalyx makes it slick or slippery.

Sorry but I can not except this, do to the opening statement the 
glycocalyx is a thick sticky polymer, I have also read that the 
gylcocalyx helps bacteria adhere to surfaces.

if anyone can help me out of this dubious explanation that my instructor 
gave me I would be most greatful.

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