Help, need info on a disease I can't spell!

charles mccarthy pandoc at ix.netcom.com
Sat Jul 6 13:25:59 EST 1996

In <4rl4r6$4no at paraguay.it.earthlink.net> Martha Swartz
<maswartz at earthlink.net> writes: 
>I'm looking for information on something that sounds like
>If anyone can give me the proper spelling/pronuciation of this disease
>and let me know what is and how it supposed to be treated I will be 
>eternally grateful.  My vet doesn't have a clue.

Martha is probably referring to Campylobacteriosis.  Her vet can
discover its treatment in The Merck Veterinary Manual, seventh edition.

Good luck,


Charles P. McCarthy, Clinical Specialist
Professor Emeritus of Pantherapeuticological Medicine
Carmichael, CA USA

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