Help, need info on a disease I can't spell!

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Sat Jul 6 21:44:54 EST 1996

Martha Swartz <maswartz at earthlink.net> wrote:

>I'm looking for information on something that sounds like camphobacteria 
>or camphylobacteria or something that sounds similar to that.

>I have a sick feral kitten that has an, as yet, unidentified intestinal 
>parasite or bacterium that is causing diarrhea and is supposedly treated 
>by a drug called Batrile (sp?). she has already been treated for 
>coccidia,(Albon)  and giardia (Flagyl) and is still sick. 

>If anyone can give me the proper spelling/pronuciation of this disease 
>and let me know what is and how it supposed to be treated I will be 
>eternally grateful.  My vet doesn't have a clue.

>Please email to maswartz at earthlink.net



It is probably Campylobacter

In humans it is treated (but not always necessary) with an
erythromycin or with ciprofloxacin

hope this helps

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