RT-PCR in bacteria

Nitin S. Baliga nbaliga at bio.umass.edu
Tue Jul 2 11:09:32 EST 1996

  You can refer to the paper published from our lab in J.Bact(Jul 1990),
p.4118-4121, where primer extension has been used to estimate levels of
mRNA. You will have to first normalise the values of cDNA synthesis
for different samples, either by using a control gene expression or by
finding the relationship between cDNA synthesis and abundance of mRNA in
the reaction mixture (The 2 should be directly proportional).

On Fri, 28 Jun 1996, Hui Zhao wrote:

> Hi:
> 	Is there any one that ever tried to use RT-PCR or in situ 
> hybridization to detect mRNA level from bacteria? Any information is 
> appreciated. 
> hui zhao
> university of maryland school of medicine

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