Tom Thatcher ttha at uhura.cc.rochester.edu
Tue Dec 31 15:33:00 EST 1996

In article <32cf64dd.4770620 at usenet.ufl.edu>,
bruce w. ritchings <bwr at icbr.ifas.ufl.edu> wrote:
>Dear  Microbiologists:
>	This is serious business, please read.. Bruce Ritchings,
>University of Florida
>	 The following message comes from our sysop at the University
>of Florida:
>This warning was just passed to me concerning an email virus.
>Please read.

This is a hoax.  It is technically impossible for an email message to
do what is described in this so-called warning.  The only way in which
e-mail can be destructive is if it contains a destructive program
as an attached file, and even then it is harmless unless the attached file
is downloaded and executed, and EVEN THEN the attached file would only
work on one operating system, not every possible computer connected to
the internet.

What is really sad is that this is just a rewording of the "Good Times"
e-mail virus hoax of a few years ago.  Either you are new to the
internet or you learned nothing last time.  If the warning truly came
from your university's computer technical staff then I question their

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