Need help !

HO's family kyhoc at hkucc.hku.hk
Fri Dec 27 08:14:07 EST 1996

Dear sir/ madam,

I have worked on petroleum utilizing bacteria for a month. I used phosphate, nitrate and motor oil 
added liquid medium for cultivating marine petroleum utilizing bacteria. MPN is the method I used 
to find the population of bacteria in seawater.However, I found it is difficult to identify the 
growth of bacteria in tubes.I assign the tube positive if the medium shows turbid. In some case, 
I can sure that there is bacteria growth as a milky layer on the oil layer.Sometimes, I just 
found a very little turbid. The quantity is very minute that I cannot sure (I am just afraid that 
the turbidity is caused by oil layer) Sometimes, the oil layer seems to be broken down into very 
small droplets than in control.When I shaked the tubes, unusual small droplet would be 
seen but you may not saw any milky layer. 

Can anyone tell me how to identify there is bacterial growth or not? Thanks for you attention and 
help. If you need more detail information for solving this problem, please let me know.


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