Help identify bacterium

ed marsden ed.marsden at utoronto.ca
Wed Dec 25 00:23:46 EST 1996

Daniel Elad wrote:
> Season's greetings to everybody
> Recently I had the occasion to culture swabs from ears, eyes and noses
> of 22 lions which were anesthetized for other reasons. The most
> frequent bacterium isolate grows at 37C under normal atmosphere as
> pinpoint alpha hemolytic colonies on blood agar, grows on McConkey
> agar, seems to be Gram positive (although some faint Gram negative
> forms are present in the background), but the most impressive
> characteristic is that it is extremely pleomorphic: forms from cocci
> to long, thick, filaments, some tapering at their end, are present.
> Additional biochemical is gathered currently but I wonder if somebody
> could give me a hint as to identity of these isolates.
> Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year
> Danny

Hmmmm... If I remember correctly from my microbiology classes, I thought that McConkey 
agar was selective for Gram negative bacteria?

	I'd wait until the biochemical tests come back - it could be anything from a 
mycoplasma to a species of Neisseria.	Good luck!

								Regards, Neil

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