Learning the BASICS of MicroBiology

Doug Stemke dstemke at umabnet.ab.umd.edu
Thu Dec 26 16:59:33 EST 1996

On 26 Dec 1996, Ashish Kadakia wrote:

> Hi Frineds,
> 	I am completely new in the field of MicroBiology.
> 	I am computer professional, but I would like to learn MicroBiology from
> the beginning.
> 	I need help.
> 	Any WEBSite, CD-ROM, Internet Archives  etc.. would be really very
> helpful.
> Thank you for your support in Advance..
> Ashish Kadakia

Frankly the best way to do this on your own is to  check out a decent
Microbiology text book.   You can get it at almost any major University
bookstore.  I wouldn't be too surprised if you could find one for basics 
at your local library, it may be a bit dated though (esp. immunology and
virology).  I think you will find if you don't have some background in
chemistry or biology the concepts may be a bit difficult.  More power to
you and good hunting!  We need more and more people in our field with a
strong background in computers.



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