Does GTG encode f-Met at N-terminus?

Chris Fields cfields at gab.unt.edu
Fri Dec 20 22:16:02 EST 1996

bruce w. ritchings wrote:
>         I have a question about GTG start codons, which we find from
> time to time in P. aeruginosa (and other Pseudomonads, I assume). I've
> never done an N-terminal protein microsequence to see whether the
> first amino acid was a Valine (what you'd expect from GTG) or whether
> the bug mis-reads the GTG at the N-terminus and puts an f-Met there
> instead. If you know, please reply here or by email--I want to be sure
> to submit the correct protein translation to the databases. Thanks,
> Bruce Ritchings, University of Florida

I believe that the first amino acid is a f-Met (we also deal in
pseudomonads).  We sequenced a set of genes for both the P. putida and
P. aeruginosa which has a four base-overlap with the second gene start
as a GTG (this is for the pyrB and pyrC' genes, encoding ATCase and a
DHOase-like protein).  I can check, but I think we did the N-term for
the C' and found it to start with a Met.
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