Microbiology software for OD readers

Metssalu Metssalu at pp.inet.fi
Fri Dec 20 14:26:01 EST 1996

Announcing a new microbiology software (BioLink) for OD readers. Demo
version of the software can be downloaded on site:


It features:
Software BioLink forces an OD reader to run automatically a wide range of
microbiology experiments with simultaneously recording the kinetical growth
happening (growth curves) in all wells. Generation time (biomass doubling
time) for each well of the honeycomb microplate is calculated automatically,
as well.

To get a free demodiskette by post please e-mail to me your address.

Best Regards,
Rein Metssalu, microbiologist (Mr, M.Sc.)
e-mail: metssalu at pp.inet.fi

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