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> Wanted:
> A test kit for fast and simple bacterial detection. A major
> company is looking for test kits that can indicate the presence or absence
> of bacteria/ viruses on surfaces.
> Criteria:
> The method used must be simple, requiring no more than 4-5 steps or 2-3
> reagents. The tests must also work fast, within 1 hour.
> Desired methods must indicate the presence of bacteria and viruses, either
> dead or alive. Ideally, the method will show organism activity.
> A simple self-contained kit is far preferable to any method involving
> complex instrumentation.
> Funding for additional R&D may be available. Funding company would
> represent an ongoing captive market for newly commercialized test kits.
> Contact:
> Harold A. Meyer, III  Chairman
> The Hook Appropriate Technology
> 52 Bank Street, Suite A
> New Milford, CT USA 06776-2706
> TheHookTek at aol.com
API 20 strips or ELISA technology. However I don't think any method can satisfy
your time requirement.


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