kroatisk sensur

Andrew Campbell Andrew.Campbell at veths.no
Wed Dec 18 09:17:39 EST 1996

Dear Friends, I apologise for this intrusion,

Please help save Radio 101 in Zagreb, Croatia from being cancelled!!!
Croatian "democratic" goverment belives that this radio station is dealing 
against state, while this is the ONLY station left which is dealing with 
democratic information in Croatia!

This message is brought to you by the letter "H" (for help) and the number 
"1,000,000"  (for the number of names we want to sign).
Just add your name to the bottom of the list if you believe in what we stand 
for and forward the message to everyone you know, and help us to keep this 
radio station ALIVE!..
The list will be forwarded to the Goverment of the Republic Croatia!
If you happen to be the 50th, 100th, 150th, etc. signer of this 
petition,please also forward to:
     root at r101.com.hr
     www-admin at vlada.hr
This way we can keep track of the lists and organize them.


1. Drago Markovic, Zagreb, Croatia
2. Sanda Petris, Zagreb, Croatia
3. Antun Sunjic, Zagreb, Croatia
4. Maja Dawidowsky, Zagreb, Croatia
5. Maja Vickovic, Zagreb, Croatia
6. Ivan Markovic, Zagreb, Croatia
7. Arne Breznjak,
8. Goran Alempijevic, Cakovec, Croatia
9. Marin Bjelis   , Zagreb,  Croatia
10. Koraljka Rade, Zagreb, Croatia
11. Kristina Durkic, Pozega, Croatia
12. Rolf Brudvik Edvardsen, Bergen, Norway
13. Knut Vatnestroem, Trondheim, Norway
14. Christian Stephansen, Trondheim, Norway
15. Thomas Tveit Rosenlund, Trondheim, Norway
16. Joern Oelmheim, Trondheim, Norway
17. Nils Erik Dahle, Trondheim, Norway
18. Haakon Knudsen, Trondheim, Norway
19. Even Gran, Trondheim, Norway
20. Helle Hartmann, Trondheim, Norway
 21. Hege H Spj=B0tvold, Trondheim, Norway
22. Hans Petter Horsgaard, Trondheim, Norway
23. Endre Jo Reite, Trondheim, Norway
24. Per Kristian Norddal, Trondheim, Norway
25. Kari Skogstad, Trondheim, Norway
26. Frode Lilledahl, Trondheim, Norway
27. Vemund Aarstrand, Oslo, Norway
28. Jan Broegger, Bergen, Norway
29. Pia Farstad, Bergen, Norway
30. Einar Bjorgo, Bergen, Norway
31. Sjur Mossige, Oslo, Norway
32. Merete Falck, Oslo, Norway
33. Siri Kathrine Rude, Oslo, Norway
34. Ida Welhaven Heiberg, Oslo, Norway
35. Yngve Vogt, Oslo, Norway
36. Marianne Thoresen, Oslo, Norway
37. Svein Erik Johnsen, Oslo, Norway
38. Andrew Campbell, Oslo, Norway

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