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Yersinia yersinia at GATE.CYBERNEX.NET
Tue Dec 17 20:57:31 EST 1996

Randy writes,

<Just beginning to study microbiology on the UG level and would like to  
know if there are good study guides out there.  Also I would like to  
know if anyone knows of a good computer program or web site that will 
help me study microbiology.>

If you have a PC, you might try Chrisope Technologies GermWare. Alas, the 
demo versions I recently received are not compatible with my Power 
Macintosh, but if you have a PC:

GermWare is an interactive computer guide to the medically important 
bacteria, and they also have a parasitology program too. Try the demos 
out (they're free) but be warned that the full packages cost $450 each.

To order your demo, call 1-800-256-GERM.


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