help: lux autoinducer in Vibrio harveyi

Mike Cotta cottama at ncaur1.ncaur.gov
Fri Dec 13 02:22:55 EST 1996

Andrew John Panyko wrote:
> I am doing a paper on different quorum sensing/ cell density sensing
> systems of bacteria.  Does anyone know if there has been any research
> on the multiple signaling systems of Vibrio harveyi for bioluminescence
> since 1994?  Specifically, does anyoneknow if the second putative
> autoinducer has been discovered.  If not, do you know where would be a
> good place to find this info?  I'm new to the net, so any info is
> appreciated.  Please write to epiphany at ix.netcom.com.  Thanks.

see Pete Greenberg at the University of Iowa

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