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On Mon, 9 Dec 1996 16:46:04 GMT, incubus at liv.ac.uk (incubus) wrote:

>	Hi, Iam looking for a source for anti-fungal agents that act by 
>inhibiting chitin synthesis. Polyoxin D and Nikkomycin Z/X are mentioned in 
>the literature. Does anyone know where to get hold of either of these or 
>related compounds???
>replies via e-mail please : incubus at liv.ac.uk
>	ta.

Saproxin, an antifungal agent which is effective in the control of
saprophytic fungi in bacterial and yeast culture systems, may meet
your requirements.  If you would like a sample sufficient to prepare
up to 10 liters of media please e-mail your shipping address.

Please visit our webpage for additional information:


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