2 day Yeast and Mold test

R Molony molab at ww.co.nz
Thu Dec 12 13:40:34 EST 1996

cmcfarlane at aol.com (Cmcfarlane) wrote:

>I am interested in alternatives to the standard 3-5 day yeast and mold
>test. Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated. 
>E-mail cmcfarlane at aol.com

I run a small consulting laboratory and have been using a 24 hour
yeast test for beer wines and soft drink using a membrane filtration 
tecnique.for the last 4years
Procedure is standard millipore Medium I use is Difco YM
pH adjusred to 4.2 Added to medium is iodo-nitro tetrazolium 
After incubation mmembranes are examined under 10 or
20 x microscope. 
Yeast growth shows up as red spots.
unfortunately procedure does not show up acidophilic
and lactic bacteria which also normally grow on this medium.
procedure is only used when clients require a rapid clearance 
on some products.

Bob Molony Molab Ltd.
molab at ww.co.nz

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