Particle Filtration Problem

Tom McCloud McCloud at dtpax2.ncifcrf.gov
Thu Dec 12 13:09:18 EST 1996

John Bates wrote:
> Can anyone suggest an inert membrane for the filtration of plasma samples containing variable levels of protein precipitate..... 

  Since your post has beeh up for several days with no responses, I will
venture a suggestion, even though this is not my area of expertise.  I
have filtered a lot of samples and seen a lot of filtration problems,
but my samples have not involved serum.  Proteinaceos and high MW
polysaccharide containing samples can present real problems.  Sometimes
these filtration problems can be solved by using a filter with a
pre-filter, such as I see in the Alltech catalog, like #2511, or the
Anotops, #2260.  There have been times, when I had a stainless steel
filter holder that you could clamp membrans in, that I would use a nylon
0.2 on the screen, a large pore size above it, and a filter paper disc
on top of that.  Occasionally I mixed a particularly uncooperative
material with a filter aid like Celite or microcrystalline cellulose
prior to the start of the filtration process.  You will have to
experiment with the the various combinations and determine what works
best for your application.  Tom McCloud   SAIC/Frederick Cancer Research

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