***ZEISS & LEICA microscope objectives W.T.B.***

Gilbert T. Groehn fv392 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Fri Dec 6 13:48:05 EST 1996

I am interested in purchasing preowned vintage
ZEISS and LEITZ/LEICA microscope objectives and
eyepieces.    I am interested in ALL magnifications
and types.   Especially  need ZEISS Phae II and III.

Also interested in purchasing complete older scopes.

TIA for any leads leading to a purchase.

Gil Groehn
ac 313 884-1139
ad408 at detroit.freenet.org
alternative email:  ultramed at ix.netcom.com

ULTRAMED, INC.  EMAIL:ad408 at detroit.freenet.org -or- ultramed at ix.netcom.com

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