Reference for Most Probable Number (MPN) test wanted

Heiko Pawelczyk root at mabuse.suselinux-hamburg.de
Tue Dec 3 05:10:51 EST 1996

In article <Pine.GSO.3.95.961202143821.13044A-100000 at design.eng.uci.edu>,
	Arul Jayaraman <arul at design.eng.uci.edu> writes:
> hi
> Can anyone give me a reference where the MPN test is described in detail?
> Thanks for your assistance
> Arul 

I don't know whether you have somebody around speaking german.

Get Oberzill "Mikrobiologische Analytik" 1967

Perhaps there is an English version available. 

Heiko Pawelczyk
email			feinbein at on-line.de

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