Antibiotics Promote Cancer

Mark Peters gquest at nol.net
Tue Dec 3 23:30:16 EST 1996

Who cares? Anyone?  

Antibiotics kill the bad germs. (The ones that don't become antibiotic
resitant).  Antibiotics also kill the good germs that help prevent the
spread of bad germs. (loss of the good germs makes open season for
antibiotic resistant bad germs) "Antibiotics" that do not kill yeast
(open the season) and promote their growth.  The yeast C. albicans can
catalyze nitrosamine (a carcinogen) that causes cancer.  

Wide spread usage of antibiotics gained momentum in the 1950's.  The
incidence of cancer has been rising yearly since then.

Who cares anyway?

More cancer, more money for doctors, more money for research, more new

The FDA approved them, doctors fear loss of customers($money) if they
don't prescribe them and the patients (victoms)feel cheeted if they
don't get them.  Patients  THINK antibiotics cure everything and then
come to rely on the wolves (capitalism) to guard their health while the
system herds them like sensless sheep into human petrie dishes to test
their latest and greatest kill everyting antibiotic.

It's not really anybody's fault in perticular(we didn't know yeast cause
cacner in 1950) so lets just pretend we didn't even read this message. 
Forget it completely so you won't feel responsible when you or your
loved one is the next one in your family who draws the short straw.
(Murder by cancer is not illegal.)  Infact, it it isn't even recognized
as a "STING", THE.  (great movie) 

OR.  Challenge me, you fearless sole, (hope you have some legal teeth in
your bark or you will be just waisting my time) to back my statements. 
At least act like you care even though you can't do anything about this
world wide medical macicality.  The Presidents have ignored me, the
television stations are silent, the FBI has no jurisdiction, the doctors
are to far along out of medical school to read technical relatinships
from mainstreem medical material.  


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