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I am looking for a research assistant or a post-doctoral position
in plant molecular biology or biochemistry with emphasis on
plant-microbe interactions.I am interested in studying plant defence 
systems against different biotic stresses, as well as mechanisms of 
the plant-bacteria symbiosis.

Natalia Radyukina, Ph.D
Department of Genetics,
John Innes Centre,
Norwich Research Park,
Colney, Norwich, NR4 7UH, UK
E-mail: visitor at bbsrc.ac.uk

                             CURRICULUM VITAE

A specialist with extensive experience in the field of plant-
microbe interactions, molecular aspects of nitrogen fixation,
membrane proteins and electrone microscopy. Has broad knowledge
of plant physiology and biochemistry, as well as microbiology and
bioorganic chemistry. 


Visiting scientist,                     November 1996 - present
Department of Genetics,
John Innes Centre,

- isolation of the symbiosomes from  root nodules of different 
  pea plant mutants;
- preparation of peribacteroid membranes and plasma membranes;
- investigation of GTP-binding proteins.  

Senior research worker,             February 1995 - November 1996
Group of Biochemistry of
Nitrogen Fixation, 
A.N.Bach Institute of Biochemistry,

- developed methods of isolation of symbiosomes from the  root
nodules of pea plant mutants and tests for controlling the
intactness of the symbiosome membrane;
- studied the transport properties, protein and fatty acids
composition of symbiosome and bacteroid membranes from root
nodules of different pea plants mutants. Showed that the mutation
locus/ci affected not only the process of bacteria to bacteroid
differentiation and symbiosomes formation but changed the
properties of the bacteroid membrane. 
- studied the changes in the defense system (oxygen detoxifying
enzymes) in the Arabidopsis mutants tolerant to norflurason. 

Research worker,                     September 1984-February 1995
Laboratory of Nitrogen Metabolism,
A.K.Timiryazev Institute of
Plant Physiology 
Russian Academy of Sciences,

 - studied the comparison of fatty acids and protein compositions
of symbiosome and bacteroid membranes from lupin and broad bean
root nodule to the total membrane of free-living bacteria
    - studied the role of the peribacteroid space from lupin
nodules symbiosomes in the development and functioning of the
nitrogen fixing system;
 - developed methods of isolation of subcellular compartments
from infected cells of lupin and broad been root nodules;
 - studied the defense system in the tissue compartments of root
nodules of lupin, broad been and soybean under conditions of
effective and noneffective nitrogen fixation;
- wrote and defended a PhD thesis "The role of the peribacteroid
space in the interaction between pro- and eukaryotes in lupin
root nodule".

Research assistant,                March 1978 - September 1984
Laboratory of Chemistry of
Free Radicals,
Institute of Organic chemistry
Russian Academy of Sciences,

- studied the radical reaction of different dicarboxyl- compounds
(malone ester) catalysed by Mn-Cu salts.

Undergraduate student			Sept 1972- March 1978

Chair of Chemistry and Technology
of Bioactive Compounds,             
School of Organic Chemistry,
Institute of Fine Chemical Technology,

- obtained qualification "engineer-chemist".
- wrote an MSc thesis " The synthesis of the antibiotic

Main publications:
1. Radyukina N.,Romanov V. et al." Malate and glucose transport
in bacteroid from the root nodules of different plant pea
mutants."Abstr.of the 2nd Europ. Nitrog. Fix. Conference, Poznan,

2. Radyukina N." Possible participation of proline in the oxygen
defense system in legume root nodules." In: Nitrogen Fixation:
Fundamentals and Applications. Eds. Tikhonovich, I.A.,
Provorov,N.P., Romanov, V.I., and Newton, W. Kluwer Acad.
publis., Dordrecht,Boston, London, 1995, 580

3. Radyukina N. et al." Proline accumulation in effective and
ineffective legume root nodules". Proceed. of 1st
Europ.Nitrog.Fix.Conference,Officina press, Szeged,Hungary,1994

4. Radyukina N.,et al." Transport of C-14 substrates across the
peribacteroid membranes of lupine root-nodules".DOKLADY AKADEMII
NAUK, 1992, Vol.323, No.3, pp.603-606

5.Andreeva I.,Radyukina N.,et al."Ultrastructure of the cell wall
and capsule of the actinomycetein nodule of actinorhizal plants." 
SOVIET PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 1990, Vol.37, No.5, pp.716-724

6.Radyukina N., Baskakova S., Bruskova R, Zhiznevskaya G,." 
Subcell localization of ammonia assimilation enzymes in the root-
nodules of lupine. DOKLADY AKADEMII NAUK SSSR, 1990, Vol.314,
No.4, pp.1021-1023

7. Izmailov S,Radyukina N,et al."Peribacteroid space of the
yellow lupine root nodules - isolation of its content and
intactness of the peribacteroid membrane." SOVIET PLANT
PHYSIOLOGY, 1989, Vol.36, No.2, pp.247-254

Date of Birth: April 22, 1955
Sex: female
Languages: Russian (native), English (fluent),
Germany and French ( reading and listening comprehension)
Interests: handwork (knitting, sewing), classic music, art.

Home address: Dr. N. Radyukina, app.2, Ak.Komarov Str. 8, Moscow
127276, Russia 

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