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Jeffrey Lee lee at SOL.ESSEX.EDU
Wed Dec 4 13:32:52 EST 1996

     Please send me more info on this new program. I would like to use it 
in my Microbiology classes. THanks.

Jeff Lee

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On Wed, 4 Dec 1996, Allan Konopka wrote:

> In article <32A3B42B.2E7D at soton.ac.uk>, T.N.Bryant at soton.ac.uk (Trevor
> Bryant) wrote:
> > Can any one point me in the direction of any programs for 
> > computer assisted identification. I am interested in findoing 
> > out what is currently available.
> > 
> > Thanks
> > 
> > Trevor Bryant
> We have just finished a CD-ROM, "Identibacter interactus," that simulates
> the process of bacterial unknown identification commonly undertaken in
> undergraduate microbiology laboratories.  It will be distributed by WC
> Brown Publishers and should be available by the end of December.  The CD
> is designed to run both on Macs and on PCs (Windows 95).
>    The software does not do identification for you, but rather allows
> students to practice on multiple unknowns, and develop a strategy of
> identification for themselves.  The software contains online help for the
> approx. 50 diagnostic tests that are available, and some help on the
> characteristics of the approx. 60 chemoheterotrophic species that are in
> the database.
> Allan Konopka
> Purdue University
> Dept. Biological Sciences.
> akonopka at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu

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