art and science

Denis Mater Denis.Mater at mx.univ-compiegne.fr
Mon Dec 2 11:51:26 EST 1996

>do you think that art and science have anything in common? Are you
>probably someone doing both? let me know what you do!

I had a professor 4 years ago whose research field was immunology, and
especially grafting of unvertebrates. I remember to have seen a publication
of him that dealt with the graft of two worms (nemerteens), one had a red
color and the other had a yellow color. He did a chessboard !!! by grafting
many pieces of the two worms eachother. In this work he said that worms
were a good model to study the origin and the evolution of the immun system
involved in organ grafts, but concluded as well that this model was very
interesting at the artistic level. Is it not a wonderful exemple of
"crossed fertilization" between Science & Art ?

Denis (PHD student)

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