E. Coli Infection Outbreak

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>Does anyone have any information about the recent outbreak of E. Coli
>infection in Lanarkshire, Scotland? 

Promed gives a website of:

but I have been unable to enter the site, because it requires a
password. Can anybody tell me how I should legimately attain one?

While on the subject, The Times (UK) stated that the recent outbreak of
_E.coli_ O157:H7 was a result of unhygenic conditions at a meat
wholesaler. I have been unable to find any reference to this. The last
update of the IASR pages in Japan sais that only 2 of the local
incidences of O157 had been positively linked to food, and one of these
implicated dried bonito shavings.

Any further information or references on the Japanese outbreak would be

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