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Steven Carpenter microbe at PEAK.ORG
Thu Sep 28 08:21:03 EST 1995

I have been a consulting mycologist for 10 years.  Most business comes
from pharmaceutical cleanrooms and sick building problems.  I feel 
uncomfortable telling you what my price structure is, but $20 is
a HUGE undersell of your talents and abilities.  I try to scale the
price depending on the customer.  I charge much, much more for legal
types of things, because I know they will pay willingly.  I charge 
much, much less for university-types, because I know they can't pay
a lot and I want their return-business.  I won't touch anything for
under $50.00 handling fee and prices go up for taxonomy.  I charge
extra for traditionally difficult taxonomic groups (Penicillium, for
example).  I also charge nothing if I cannot deliver.  The key is
the customer, give the customer what they want.  And by all means
be professional, but don't necessarily be Academic about it.  A 
report doesn't need to be full of bibliographic references: a
report needs to have factual information that is in a useful format
to the non-professional.  If you can't deliver a readable report, you
won't get return business.

If I tell you any more, I would have to charge you for the service ;)

-Steven E. Carpenter, Ph.D.
 Cascade Research Associates
   & Abbey Lane Laboratory
 microbe at peak.org

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