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E. Korboukh ekorbouk at blue.weeg.uiowa.edu
Fri Sep 29 13:48:35 EST 1995

	Advanced Resume Retrieval On the Web - ARROW for short -  is a 
new service available to professionals in biology, chemistry, bio-chemistry 
and related fields. Graduating students in those fields are also welcome.

	We will post a summary (1 paragraph) of your resume on-line free 
of charge. If you would like the full text of your resume posted there is 
a small fee:

A setup fee is:
$5 if your resume is already in HTML format
$10 if your resume is in text format

	For either format a monthly fee is $5 and we prefer 3 month advance 
payment, money orders only. Anonymous service is available upon request. 

	Please feel free to check out our web site at 


	Thank you very much for your interest, sincerely

					Lena Korboukh

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