how to separate spores from vegetative cells?

Dr. David Rosen drosen
Thu Sep 28 10:41:21 EST 1995

I read that preparing pure spore suspensions is very hard.  Why not buy these
suspensions from a company that claims to know how?  One company that cells
(er, sells) almost pure spores is:

AMSCO Sterility Assurance Products
1002 Lufkin Road
P.O. Box 747
Apex, North Carolina 27502
Tele:  800-388-5155
FAX: 919-387-6252

	Also, I am trying to develope a method for fast, sensitive detection of
bacterial spores.  The method would detect the spores, not the vegetative
cells, and would not give any information on variety or species of bacteria.
It would give the approximate weght of spore case in a sample.  I have been
looking for possible commercial applications of such a detection technique.  Do
you have any ideas for an application?

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