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>>Does anyone know a non-complicated book (or simple answers) , where I can find 
>>what the basic differences between the following bacteria are:
>The often recommended Bergey may be too complicated for a beginner. 
>I like the german textbook "Allgemeine Mikrobiologie" by H.G. Schlegel
>(Thieme Verlag). You'll find there all information you need without
>beeing too detailed. A phylogenetic tree of the enterobacteriaceae, (most
>of your bacteria belong to them) may be found in "the procaryotes" by Stanier
>et al.You should find these books in your local library. Good luck,
In Vienna we rely on Brock, Madigan,et.al. =Microbiology=, which probably gives 
the best possible introduction and overview into modern microbiology.You will 
find beside easy to be read texts quite good coloured pictures still not present in 


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