Staphylococcus aureus...Help!!!

John jwlester at ucdavis.edu
Thu Sep 28 10:41:39 EST 1995

In article <DFIGH5.MFw at sju.edu>, jtudor at sju.edu (John Tudor) wrote:
>If you are doing undergraduate research, then finding out information on S. 
>aureus is part of what you are to do.  Start in your library.  Check out
>Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology, or The Prokaryotes - both
>of these are probably in the reference section.  You might also try 
>looking in some microbiology text books, especially medical microbiology
>texts.  Good luck. 

While Bergeys et al., may be good for very detailed information, I don't know 
how much use it will be.  I'd reccomend trying to find a good review article. 
 Try using your univertities library computer.  You should have Medline or 
Current Contents.  Try using the word "review" in your search to screen out 
all the research articles.

Although it is certainly not a definative account, an interesting version of 
the TSS story can be found in "The Coming Plague."  It won't probably answer 
your scientific questions, but if you are interested in TSS, it might be worth 
a read.

>Radar N1 (radarn1 at aol.com) wrote:
>: I'm looking for information on S. aureus.  I'm doning undergrad research
>: for microbiology.  This is an important determining factor in my future. 
>: i'm dealing primarily with area of TSS.  If you can help, please do!


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