"Chryptospyrideum(?)" (bacteria?, mould?),........

C. Greiner cgreiner at blue.weeg.uiowa.edu
Wed Sep 27 01:01:09 EST 1995

I normally wouldn't reply but since you tried to sneak a free 
advertisement into a Usenet group I guess that makes you game. It is 
RotAvirus, although roto as in roto-rooter may be more descriptive. Not 
to feel bad though a lot of nurses make the same mistake which, sadly 
enough, is a continous source of enjoyment for us in the lab:)

On 22 Sep 1995 user at alexon.com wrote:

> 				I believe you mean Cryptosporidium sp. It's an enteric parasite 
> which is transmitted in a majority of cases by feces contaminated water. 
> One of the most recent outbreaks occured in Milwaukee last year(?).
>  			My company, Alexon Biomedical, Inc., makes diagnostic assays to 
> detect Crypto in patient stool samples. For info on Crypto or our 
> products call (800) 366-0096. We also have products for Giardia, E. 
> histo., C. difficile, Roto & Adenovirus, etc.
> 																														- matt at alexon.com

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