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Wed Sep 27 13:18:49 EST 1995

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Student Pugwash USA is conducting research for its unique new 
careers directory, "Jobs You Can Live With: Working at the 
Crossroads of Science, Technology, and Society," which provides 
career options to students and recent graduates who are 
interested in making a positive social impact in areas where 
science and technology play significant roles.  "Jobs You Can Live 
With" helps students and young professionals make connections 
amongst issues by profiling organizations that deal with areas as 
diverse as:

-  Energy
-  Environment
-  Food and agriculture
-  Global security
-  Health care and biomedical research
-  Information technologies

If you know of or work for an organization which would be a 
good fit for "Jobs You Can Live With," please contact us here at 
Student Pugwash USA as soon as possible.  This is strictly non-
solicitation, and there is no charge for an organization being 
profiled in the directory.  We are looking for as many suggestions 
as possible, so think about your favorite organizations that you 
would like to see profiled!

Student Pugwash USA is a non-profit organization that promotes 
the socially responsible application of science and technology in 
the 21st century.  As a student organization, Student Pugwash 
USA encourages young people to examine the ethical, social, and 
global implications of science and technology, and to make these 
concerns a guiding focus of their academic and professional 

Please send the name of any organizations you would suggest be 
profiled in "Jobs You Can Live With," and any contact information 
you have available (at the least, a location) to us here:

Attn:  Greg Craven
Student Pugwash USA
815 15th Street, NW, Suite 814
Washington, DC 20005

Or, better yet, fax (202-393-6550), e-mail 
(uspugwash at igc.apc.org), or phone (202-393-6555) your 
suggestions to us.  We are on a tight production schedule, so 
please get your suggestions to us by October 18, 1995.  Please 
give me a call personally if you have any questions.  Thank you 
for your time and thought in helping to make "Jobs You Can Live 
With" an effective tool for the responsible use of science and 

Greg Craven

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