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Richard Byrd richbyrd at ix.netcom.com
Tue Sep 26 00:06:58 EST 1995

>I have been asked to do some consulting lately (today,actually) and I
>am wondering what is a reasonable charge?  I have been asked by a
>lawyer to confirn that a substance they found is "mold or mildew". As
>a bacteriologist, I'm not even sure if mildew is a proper taxonomic
>term, but I can sure look at something and tell if it is a fungus or
>not. What is such a service worth? Anybody? -Sara

The lab I use charges $20 per sample, to wet mount and ID as best
possible from morphology.  They do have a minimum charge of $35 per
project.  Of course everyone charges lawyers more (joke).

Rich Byrd
Dir. IAQ Investigations
Machado Environmental Corp.
Glendale, Calif.
{all opinions exclusively my own}

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