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Chris Wawak mancala at outland.cyberwar.com
Mon Sep 25 15:59:44 EST 1995

	I have started a lab in High School entitled "The Scientific 
Microscopic Study of the Latin Term: "Thallophytes" Meaning: Without 
Seeds." I'm just beginning the Microbiology class. I'd like to share my 
preliminary findings with you, ask a few questions, and mabey find some 
things out. For the lab, I collected a sample of algae and pondwater from 
a very polluted lake. The algae was a dark green, and under a microscope 
lookes loosley woven. There were also many different types of 
microorganisms, from spyrogyra to volvox. I may need a bit of help with 
the lab, so if you could give any positive or negative feedback, I'd 
greatly appreciate it.

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