"Chryptospyrideum(?)" (bacteria?, mould?),........

user at alexon.com user at alexon.com
Fri Sep 22 13:06:29 EST 1995

				I believe you mean Cryptosporidium sp. It's an enteric parasite 
which is transmitted in a majority of cases by feces contaminated water. 
One of the most recent outbreaks occured in Milwaukee last year(?).
 			My company, Alexon Biomedical, Inc., makes diagnostic assays to 
detect Crypto in patient stool samples. For info on Crypto or our 
products call (800) 366-0096. We also have products for Giardia, E. 
histo., C. difficile, Roto & Adenovirus, etc.
																														- matt at alexon.com

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