Solubility of Cephalosporin C

Poon Wai Mun anomie at singnet.com.sg
Fri Sep 22 19:53:07 EST 1995

Dear People,
	I'm doing a project on characterisation of B-lactamases.  We're using Cephalosporin C as a substrate in the kinetic assay. At the moment we're facing the problem of not being able to dissolve Cephalosporin C in  0.025M phosphate buffer at pH7.
Anybody who could help us to solve this problem please reply because if this is not solve, I can't continue with the project which will be due next year.
Thank a  lot.

PS: The last time, we 're trying to dissolve 0.02g of cephalosporin in 100ml of 0.025m phosphate buffer at pH 7

Yours Sincerely,
Wai Mun

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