Neutralizers for Antibiotics

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> I have a bit of a challange coming up.  I am doing some specialty testing 
> a person that is working with a topical gel that contains Gentamycin and
> Promomycin and is going to want a Preservative Effectiveness test ran on it.
> I have looked through several books in an attempt to find a neutralizer 
> for these compounds.  I am also going to do some membrane filtration 
> studies looking at bioburden and general sterility, nothing "regulated" 
> yet but I am sure that is coming.  Can somebody help me with a 
> neurtalizer approach to this?  I am going to try to get the gel into a 
> suspension using saline and tween 80 and rinse it with Fluid D after 
> filtering and think that that might work.  The obvious problem is that 
> when I do an APE test on it I can't rinse out the active ingredients.
> Thanks in advance,
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Gentamicin not gentamycin.

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