Antibiotic selectivity

Mark Fuller mark_fuller at qmgate.anl.gov
Thu Sep 21 12:58:17 EST 1995

I need some advice...

I am desiring to specifically inhibit gram negatives, gram positives and 
fungi in soil in order to study the relative contributions each make to 
the degradation of chemicals.

Currently, I'm planning to use streptomycin/gentamicin against G-, 
penicillin/erythromycin against G+ and cyclohexamide against fungi.  
However, I've seen several papers using streptomycin as a general 
prokaryotic inhibitor.

Does anyone have any insight that might help me.  Also, what a good 
concentrations (µg/mL) to get good inhibition, and how long will 
inhibition last?  How often should more antibiotics be re-added to the 

Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions!!!

-Mark Fuller
mark_fuller at qmgate.anl.gov
(708) 252-1795

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