Ethan Samson esamson at ix.netcom.com
Wed Sep 20 21:18:28 EST 1995

I am a high school student in an introductory biology class.  Here is
my problem:

I was given three flasks of a carbohydrate broth.  One flask was
sealed, one had a straight tube that went into it, and one had a "w"
shaped tube that went into it.  My question is, if I leave these three
flasks out in the classroom, will there be anything living in them when
I pick them back up in a week?  The one with the straight tube is
getting cloudy and the one with the "w" shaped tube is a little less
murky.  The sealed flask is basically the same.  What could be
happening in these tubes?  Can anyone tell me?  Is there bacteria
growing in them?  If so, what kind? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reply!

if you do wish to reply, here is my adress:  Esamson at ix.netcom.com   

I *really* would appreciate any information you have.  
thanks in advance.  Do your good deed of the day, help a lowly biology

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