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Lesley Robertson L.A.Robertson at stm.tudelft.nl
Wed Sep 20 03:42:25 EST 1995

twjoe at waikato.ac.nz wrote:
>If anyone out there could advise me on a good medium for growing 
>Agrobacterium tumefaciens on.. we are currently in search of a good protocol
>for reasonably rapid growth and eventual use in plant transformation.
>Please reply to this E-mail address with details of recipes or otherwise..
>E-mail: RMPOOLE at waikato.ac.nz 
>Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated, Thankyou.
>	Raewyn Poole.

I've not tried to grow this species, but I've always found "The 
Prokaryotes" a good source of basic medium recipes.
Dr. Lesley A. Robertson
Kluyver Laboratory for Biotechnology
Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
L.A.Robertson at stm.tudelft.nl

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