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>Could anyone give me advise on the freeze-drying of anaerobes, 
>especially Bacteroides melaniogenicus. Thankyou, Sue.

For many anaerobes, freeze drying doesn't work very well, but Hans Hippe
describes its application to anaerobes in the following reference:

Hippe, H.  1984.  Maintenance of methanogenic bacteria, p. 69-81.  In: B.
E. Kirsop and J. J. S. Snell (ed.), Maintenance of Microorganisms, A
Manual of Laboratory Methods.  Academic Press, London. 

This reference also describes other methods.  The Oregon Collection of
Methanogens uses two methods.  For short-term storage (up to several
years) we distribute cultures into plastic freezer vials that have been
stored at least 1 week in an anaerobic chamber.  The vials are frozen (1
degC/min) to -40, then placed in a liquid-nitrogen freezer.  For longer
storage, we distribute the cultures to glass vials (inside an anaerobic
chamber), and temporarily seal them with latex rubber tubing and a pinch
clamp for removal from the chamber.  The vials are then heat-sealed with a
torch; just before heating, we insert a hypodermic needle through the
latext tubing to allow heated gas to escape during the sealing process. 
The heat-sealed glass vials can be cooled and frozen in the same way as
the plastic vials. 

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