Bacterial growth (plotting data)

Frank Pietrantonio XPII at MUSICB.MCGILL.CA
Wed Sep 20 16:15:09 EST 1995

Is it neccessary to plot growth (aborbance vs. time) on a semi-log scale?
I agree that plotted data on semi-log gives a better representation of 
growth rate.If one were to describe and compare the amount of growth per 
set time in the growth cycle would plotting the data on a normal scale be 
adequate? I would like to compare the amount of growth using two 
different substrates but at the same set time in growth. Plotting the 
data on semi-log does not give a very good comparison. If anyone out 
there can help please e-mail me. 
                                        Thanking you in advance,
                                         Frank Pietrantonio
                                          xpii at musicb.mcgill.ca

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